[Mapool] Magic Hangeul Phonics
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◆Beginning of Korean

Hangul is the only character in the world that the creator of the character is known, the year of its creation, and the year of the banpo.

In 1443, the 4th king of Joseon King Sejong and Jiphyeonjeon scholars joined forces to create it under the name Hoonminjeongeum (訓民正音) and promulgated in 1446.

◆The meaning of Korean

The current name 'Hangul' was started to be used by Korean scholars including Ju Si-gyeong in the early 1910s. Here,'한' means big, so Hangul means 'big text'.

◆Purpose of Korean

The purpose of the creation of Hangul, which is said to have been created due to difficulties in acquiring the characters of the people, is clarified.

◆Study Korean

Hangeul is an easy character that anyone from small children to the elderly can easily learn Hangul as long as they learn only the principles of consonants and vowels with ‘phonetic characters’ created by referring to the sounds they are pronounced.

This lecture focuses on the basic principles of Hangeul and presents a way to learn Hangeul in a short time.

Get acquainted with Hangeul quickly with Mapool!

[Mapool] Magic Hangeul Phonics
  1. CHAPTER 01

    • 01 Magic Hangeul Phonics - intro
  2. CHAPTER 02

    • 01 Magic Hangeul Phonics - 1
  3. CHAPTER 03

    • 01 Magic Hangeul Phonics - 2
  4. CHAPTER 04

    • 01 Magic Hangeul Phonics - 3
  5. CHAPTER 05

    • 01 Magic Hangeul Phonics - 4
  6. CHAPTER 06

    • 01 Magic Hangeul Phonics - 5

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